Wafdigii Dowladda KMG Soomaaliya uga wakiilka noqonaya Shirka Jabuuti ee uu hoggaaminayey Wasiirka Warfaafinta ahna Ra’iisul-wasaare Ku xigeenka 1aad Axmed Cabdi Salaan oo tagay Jabuti

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Wafdi ka socdo Dowladda KMG Soomaaliya oo uu hugaaminayo R/wasaare K/xigeenka koowaad Axmed Cabdi Salaan  ayaa la sheegay in qorax dhicii Maanta ka soo  degay garoonka Diyaaradaha ee magaalada Jabuti, ayagoo isla maanta ka soo kicitimay magaalada Muqdisho, ujeedada socdaalkoodana ah inay ka qayb geli doono Shirka Dib U heshiisiinta  oo lagu wado in berri ka furmi doono magaalada Jabuti.

Mudane Axmed Cabdi Salaan oo Warbaahinta kula hadlay Garoonka Diyaardaha ee magaalada Muqdisho ayaa sheegay inay la hadli doonaan Wafdiga Mucaaradka xili ay sii xoogaysteen dagaalada culus ee lagu diidanyahay Ciidamada Itoobiya.

Sida lagu soo warramay in R/wasaare Nuur Cadde uu ku guulaystay in uu is bedel ku sameeyo Wafdiga Dowladda uga qayb gelayo Shirka oo ay isku hayeen Madaxweyne C/laahi yuusuf, Maanta gelinka dambe ka degaan Garoonka diyaaradaha ee magaalada Jabuuti.

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Somalia: UN talks to resume

 Djibouti SA 31/05/2008 – Negotiations sponsored by the United Nations and aimed at bringing the Somali government and its main political foes into direct dialogue were due to resume Saturday in Djibouti.

The first round of discussions ended on May 16 and although the rivals did not engage in direct talks, the move was seen as a breakthrough in efforts to end a conflict which, according to international rights groups and aid agencies, has seen at least 6 000 civilians die in fighting over the past year.

Officials from the western-backed transitional federal government and the Eritrea-based Islamist-dominated opposition were due in Djibouti on Saturday in a fresh bid to agree on common targets for the peace talks.

“I have been extremely encouraged by the progress made so far and the huge support we have received from Somalis inside and outside the country,” top UN envoy to Somalia Ahmedou Ould Abdallah said in a recent statement.

The negotiations were to receive a boost on June 2 with the visit of a delegation from the UN Security Council, which will be touring Africa over the coming week..

“This will be a wonderful opportunity for the Somali leaders to demonstrate to the international community their strong commitment and determination to restore peace and stability to Somalia,” Ould Abdallah said.

The African Union, which has about 2 600 peacekeepers deployed in Somalia, also lent its support to the Djibouti talks.

In a statement issued on Friday, the AU’s Peace and Security Council “encouraged the parties to pursue their efforts in a spirit of compromise and mutual accommodation in order to promote national reconciliation and lasting peace in Somalia”.

It also urged Somali factions that have so far shunned the process to join the peace process.

While some Islamist leaders and influential clan leaders have joined the discussions, other hardline Islamists have insisted the mediation was biased and continued to demand an Ethiopian withdrawal before talks could start.

The talks will be held against a backdrop of almost daily clashes between Islamist insurgents and Ethiopian troops supporting the Somali government.

The Horn of Africa country has been plagued by virtually uninterrupted civil war since the 1991 ousting of former president Mohamed Siad Barre and has defied more than a dozen peace initiatives.

Source South Africa (SA)


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