Dowladda Ethiopia oo Iska fogeysay eedeynta Hay’adda Xuquuqda Aadanaha (Amnesty Internationl).

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Wakaaladda Wararka ee dalka Ethiopia ayaa faafisay in Dowladda Ethiopia ay  iska fogaysay warbixin dhowaan Hay’adda Amnesty International ay soo saartay, taasoo lagu sheegay in ciidamada gumeysiga Ethiopia ay dad rayid ah ku laayeen gudaha Soomaaliya, dadkaas oo loola dhaqmay, iyadoo loo gowracay sida Xoolaha oo kale. Warkaas oo ah warsaxaafadeed ka soo baxay xafiiska wasaarada arrimaha Dibada  ee Ethiopia.

Wasaarada Arrimaha Dibada ee dowladda Ethiopia ayaa sheegtay in warbixinta Amnesty ay diyaariyeen kooxo ka tirsan kooxaha kasoo horjeeda dowladda KMG ah ee la shaqeysa gumeysiga Itoobiya gaar ahaan kooxda Al-Shabaab oo iska dhigaya Hay’ado u dooda xuquuqda Aadanaha.Sidoo kale Wasaarada Arrimaha Dibada ayaa war saxaafadeedka ku sheegtay in ciidamada gumeysiga Ethiopia ay yihiin ciidamo anshax leh, waxna ka yaqaana qawaaniinta caalamiga ah.

Balse Amnesty International ayaa ku eedeysay ciidamada gumeysiga Ethiopia in ay geysteen xad gudubyo ka dhan ah xuquuqda beni aadamka, iyaga oo laayey culumaa udiin iyo dad kale oo rayid ah.

Warsaxaafadeedkan ayaa waxa uu ku soo beegmayaa xilli dhowaan Hay’adaha xauuqul Insaanka ay ku eedeeyeen ciidamada gumeysiga Ethiopia ee ku sugan dalka Soomaaliya falal waxashnimo, ka dib markii ay si arxan darro ah u laayeen dad rayid ah.



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 MoFA says Ethiopia categorically rejects allegations by Amnesty International


 Addis Ababa, May 6, 2008 (Addis Ababa) – The Government of Ethiopia categorically rejects the allegations of Amnesty International that Ethiopian troops in Somalia have killed people by slitting their throats “like goats”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) said.

“This is an outright, and deliberate, lie, fed to Amnesty by groups affiliated to Al-Shabaab, groups that use the cover of human rights to promote their terrorist agenda,” the Ministry said in a press statement it sent to ENA on Tuesday. 

We must deplore that one of the world’s most prominent human rights organizations should descend to the level of publicizing deliberately invented stories about the activities of Ethiopian troops, it added.

We deeply regret that Amnesty International has lent itself to an obviously transparent and disgraceful smear campaign against the armed forces of Ethiopia, using highly emotive, even racist, language, language that it would not and has not used outside of Africa.

 Amnesty International’s latest report deliberately avoids any mention of terrorist groups, the statement said, and added, indeed, it appears to have escaped Amnesty’s attention that Al-Shabaab has been declared a terrorist organization.

“Amnesty devotes most of the report to fabricated allegations against Ethiopia and its armed forces. “

It [Amnesty International] purposefully ignores the widespread violations of human rights committed by Al-Shabaab whose signature activities include a widespread campaign of murder and targeted assassination of political and religious leaders, a deliberate and admitted disregard for civilian life in its operations, the desecration of dead bodies and the cutting of throats of Muslim clerics who oppose it, as at the Al Hidaya mosque only two weeks ago. 

In this situation Amnesty International deliberately ignores all mention of these atrocities, the statement said. 

 This report has been published at a time when Al-Shabaab is finally on the run in Mogadishu and elsewhere in Somalia, the statement said ,adding, yet it is at this juncture that Amnesty appears to be engaged in efforts to assist in the recruitment of Al-Shabaab terrorists by deliberately inciting hatred and animosity based on lies and fabricated stories from Al-Shabaab affiliated sources.

 All serious observers of Somalia accept that there is a real “window of opportunity” for the Somali peace process, a process substantially brought about by Ethiopia’s successful military backing for the TFG.

This will be demonstrated in two weeks time when the representatives of the TFG and of the opposition hold preliminary talks in Djibouti, it said.

The peace process does, of course, have enemies, notably among terrorist groups. These enemies now apparently include Amnesty International, the statement added.

  The Government of Ethiopia rejects absolutely the allegations of Amnesty International, an organization which has a long record of refusing to respond to our criticisms of its reports, and of its uncritical use of sources which have their own, all too obvious, agenda.

Ethiopian troops are well-disciplined. They are educated in, and committed to, the principles of human rights, to the protection of civilians in conflict areas and the implementation of international humanitarian law the statement underlined.

They have proved this time and again in a wide variety of situations in Somalia and in UN peacekeeping operations around the world, it said.

Source: ENA

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