Mr Nur Adde: who is nominally Ethiopia’s TFG chief, Said TFG was ready to talk peace with its opponents including the Al-Shabaab.

The TFG Is All Talk & No Substance

Halkaan ka akhri

Hassan Shirwa – 4/12/2008

Mr Nur Hassan Hussein (Adde), who is nominally Ethiopia’s TFG chief, held a press conference in Mogadishu on 12 March 2008, in which he said that his blood soaked TFG was ready to talk peace with its opponents including the Al-Shabaab Organisation who are the real force behind the full swing freedom fighting insurgency against the savage Ethiopian occupation and their Somali collaborator mercenaries.

But Mr Adde’s sinister political pronouncements lacked good detailed strategy, expandable methodology and most of all, personal credibility as Somalia is under the barbaric occupation of Ethiopia at the behest of the US government.

Most Somalis strongly believe that Mr Nur Hassan, is fond of talking rubbish in political and social terms and has no either the integrity or the will power to implement meaningful reconciliation peace process in Somalia because, in fact, General Heard Gabre of Ethiopia who is stationed in the heart of Mogadishu is the Colonial Governor for Somalia, and warlord A. Yusuf and Nur Hassan, are merely poodles and obedient sycophants of General Gabre and his superior- namely Meles Zenawi.

Hence no wonder that both the Asmara Somali party for the re-liberation of Somalia and the Al-Shabaab Organisation, dismissed Nur Adde’s ill conceived press statement as ‘garbage and hallow’.

It was in August and September 2007, that warlord A. Yusuf, Ali M. Ghedi and warlord Ali Mahdi,claimed that they held in Mogadishu a national reconciliation conference attended over 2000 traditional clan leaders across Somalia and that all clan disputes and problems were solved successfully, they boasted ! The UN and other international donors supported that over publicised and deceptive conference with millions of dollars. However, much of that money was stolen and shared by the three warlords-namely, Yeey, Ali M. Ghedi and Ali Mahdi Mohamed, and the much trumpeted and over publicised reconciliation conference ended in utter failure. That is why now the toothless TFG is issuing immoral political statements again with regard to national reconciliation and peace talks !

In August and September 2007, when that fake national reconciliation was concluded in a most fraudulent and despicable manner , Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, the US government and the UN hailed it as a great success and made a habit of always referring to it as an achievement in Somali peace and national reconciliation. What a travesty of social justice and Somalia’s national sovereignty !


The Al-Shabaab and the Asmara Somali groups are absolutely right to reject the latest sinister pronouncements by the TFG regarding peace talks in Somalia because the TFG entity is an instrument of Ethiopian and US occupation and colonialism in Somalia, and as such do not deserve to talk to because they are not in a position to negotiate with anybody freely and take responsibility for anything. They are simply puppets of foreign occupiers and mass murderers.

In order to achieve peace and the restoration of Somalia’s nation-state sovereignty, the following measures have to be taken before any peace talks to take place:=

* The UN should send neutral peace keeping forces without delay

* The Ethiopian troops must leave Somali soil

* TFG militia must stop killings, looting, destruct ions, etc

* The displaced masses should be allowed back to their homes

* The international community should do something positive about the worsening humanitarian crisis in central-south Somalia brought about by the barbaric Ethiopian occupation and its Somali collaborator mercenaries

Failure to mend the catastrophic social and political situation in Somalia will set ablaze peace, stability and state hoods in East Africa.

Source Global Politician

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