7 Ethiopian troops killed in Mogadishu Somalia.

Ethiopia troops

Halkaan ka akhri

Heavy explosions have killed at least 7 Ethiopian and Somali government soldiers, destroying the troops’ water tank north of Mogadishu.

This was the second time that insurgents targeted Ethiopian soldiers taking water to their base in the Fagah district north of the capital, Press TV correspondent reported Monday.

In related news, deputy chairman of Somalia’s central Hiiraan region escaped an assassination attempt which left two of his bodyguards dead.

This is while on Sunday, Hiiraan Governor Yusuf Hagar Dabaged threatened to take tough measures against all groups supporting insurgents who are trying to topple the country’s interim government.

Dabaged told reporters that the insurgents are getting local support for their guerrilla attacks on government security forces and installations, and warned unnamed businesspeople in the region about offering support to the insurgency.

On the same day, rebels also raided a government location in south Mogadishu, killing three soldiers and wounding a few others.

Source┬á http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=46822┬žionid=351020501


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