People were are off target here let us discuss some fact in 2008.

Aaway Somalia

10 Facts 2008

Halkaan ka akhri 

Fact 1: The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Ethiopian Regime, US and Britain are still looking for more foreign Armies to participate the massacres of Somali clans so that Somalis can have a government while bleeding.

Fact 2: TFG desperately need more bullets and Money from Europe and US in their next drive to empty Mogadishu Neighbourhoods.

Fact 3: United Nations is busy collecting money for starving Somalis inside Somalia, while UN was the first body to encourage this whole Genocide (Remember that UN report in 2006 which linked the Hawiye Clan Courts to Al-Qaeda).

Fact 4: The so called humanitarian agencies will create more jobs for more European and African Christian school leavers and More Somalis will either die fat with donation food by Ethiopian bullets or die for Ethiopian imposed starvations (Remember Somalis don’t need food stamps, they need someone to stop Ethiopian death squads in Mogadishu).

Fact 5: Many Academics believe birth control and some of them believe to control populations before and after birth. However, Some US politicians believe population control via cluster bombs and bullets. The Somali Genocide is an example of a new way to control the Islamic populations around the globe.

Fact 6: Non-Muslim academics argued a birth control among Somali clans in east Africa back in 2005 in the New Scientist Journal. They also claimed Somali women were fertile and if fast growing Somali population were not intervened; conflicts (between Somalis & other African tribes) for resources will engulf the entire region.

Fact 7: HIV did not reduce the Somali population as it did in other African countries. However, US, European corporations and Ethiopian Government sponsored Clan rivalries threatened to reduce the population for 16 years and this processes was halted by the Hawiye Clan Courts or as they call it ICU in 2006.

This irritated US and the US government sponsored Ethiopian knife to quickly reduce the Somali populations in the Central and Southern regions so that the target reduction can be reached before this US government term ends.

Fact 8: Ethiopian troops cannot stay in Mogadishu without European Money handouts (Mainly from Britain & Sweden) to the Tigray Regime in Addis Ababa. If Europe is serious about stopping this continuing genocide against Somali People then they should stop these hand-out to the Tigray Regime and give it to the NGOs in Ethiopia that are helping people on the ground.

Fact 9: The genocide in Mogadishu is a symbol of how some US & European ThinkTanks will deal with any non-white fast growing populations around the world if they don’t embrace democracy.

Fact 10: Conspiracy against Somalis. TFG government, needs the protection of a foreign force against its own citizens !!!

I hope some of you will understand that some Academics, Governments and Corporations are acting like GOD and sponsoring culling of human beings in order to satisfy their theories.

SomaliSwiss Office Mr. Garabey

Wareysigii Sh. Shariif Al-Jazeera

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