Yesterday night At least 30 Ethiopian soldier have died in an explosion in Baidoa town southern Somali.

Baidoa Bomb

Halkaan ka akhri

At least 30 Ethiopian troops have died and 33 others including in a suicide bomb in their garrison in Baidoa town the base of the Somali transitional federal government and as well the headquarters of Bay region.

A vast military maneuver that was not experienced before could be felt in the entire town and the military movement handicapped the commercial activities in the town.

The exact place where the incident occurred was the former OMO Hassey detergent plant in the outskirts of the town.

Combination of Ethiopian troops along with Somali soldiers compelled the people to shut the doors of their business premises, but this morning everything was back in normal.

The Somali prime minister was in a Hotel not far in distance to where the blast comes about the two most senior government officials are currently in the town.

SomaliSwiss Baidoa

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