A Somali-Canadian is setting an electoral record in Canadian history as one of the youngest candidate to run for an elected office.


Halkaan ka akhri

Jama Said Korshel Youngest candidate running for the 2007 Ontario election.

Toronto 30. Sep 2007 -A Somali-Canadian is setting an electoral record in Canadian history as one of the youngest candidate to run for an elected office. Jama Said Korshel, who is only 19 years old has been involved with the Green Party for more than 10 months now, campaigning to establish a Green Party representative office within Etobicoke North of Toronto.

When approached with the opportunity to become a candidate in the upcoming October 10, 2007 provincial election, Jama Said Korshel went through a nomination process that catapulted him to victory with Korshel defeating 13 members of the Green Party of Ontario to become the official Green Party candidate.

As the Green Party candidate for Etobicoke North, he will contest the election to contest the riding which is now held by Liberal Party incumbent Hon. Shafiq Qadri. The Ontario Green Party’s platform for the election is a commitment for sustainable green development, responsible growth and safe and sustainable cities, the building of values into health and education and social and equity issues.

Mr. Korshel’s family moved to Canada in 1990 when he was 2 years old. In his teens, he became political active, having established an NGO that works with youth in Somalia. He has also been serving in the Toronto Mayor’s youth cabinet, which represents the interests of 300,000 youth in the city, since February 2007.

At a community Ramadaan Iftar gathering on Thursday, September 27, 2007, Korshel spelled his specific platform to address the issues of concern to residents of Etobicoke North: ” I will work hard to bring more after-school programs in to the community to address issues of crime and dropout rates for the youth.

Our party is also committed to boost funding for education so that we can produce educated work force that can contribute to the new economy.”, he said. His campaign manager, Abdifatah Maroyare added: ” Not only is he committed to a progressive agenda, but he will also inspire thousands of youth to get involved politically in order to effect change”.


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