Ilhan Abukar Dahir for Columbus Youth Commissioner, Ilhan is the first Somali American appointed to this prestigious commission.

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Halkaan ka akhri

Columbus, OH (26. Sep 2007 – Ilhan Abukar Dahir, a 15 year old first generation American of Somali descent, was one of 27 Columbus Youth Commissioners who took the oath of office yesterday. The ceremony was presided by Mayor Michael Coleman at the chamber of the Columbus City Council.

Ilhan is the first Somali American appointed to this prestigious commission, Members of this Commission went through a rigorous selection process, including two levels of interviews.

Ilhaam Abukar

The Columbus Youth Commission acts as an advisory body to the Mayor and Columbus City Council. The goal of the Columbus Youth Commission is to be the representative and the voice of the Columbus youth community.

The commission is charged to identify and study any problems, activities and concerns of Columbus youth as it relates to the local government policies, programs or projects of the City of Columbus.


MayorColeman, Ilhan and her father Abukar

They then deliberate key issues in their bi-monthly meetings and forward their recommendations to the City Council.

The Columbus Youth Commission was officially established by Columbus City Council on October 16, 2001 as a part of the city code. It is a non-partisan volunteer organization made up of diverse individuals ages 13-21 whose mission is to make Columbus the best city to live, learn and play.

Functions and Duties

1- Development of a well-designed action plan which addresses youth issues and concerns

2- Coordinate efforts with youth-serving agencies and civic groups

3- Serve as a constituency-based body that represents youth issues and concerns to city government

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