Osman Geedi Rage (Somali Youth Leage).

  • Osman Geedi Rage (Somali Youth Leage)
  • Born 1925 in Mogadishu and came business family
  • Started to study Quran when he was six years old
  • Studied Italian and Arabian languages in Capital Mogadishu
  • When finished study he got offer an interpreter of Italian
  • He refused that job because he knew the Italian coloni
  • Osman became businessman as his father
  • He got problams and pressure for Italian management
  • He created a group young boys but some of them was spy
  • They decussed the future of their country and called SYL
  • 1939-45Second World War & British coloni were not allowed SYL
  • 15th May 1943 named thirteen Somali Youth Leage, Rage withthem
  • Worked (Assicurosione Italiono) to show Somali workers their fair
  • He refused 4 years academic course in Italy to do the aim of SYL
  • Osman was a honest person who knew his job & aim Italian coloni
  • The house of Osman was the place of Abdullahi Isse left to the UN
  • Family of Abdullahi stayed at Osman’s home until he return Isse
  • Osman Geedi dead 2nd June 1978 at Wadajir Mogadishu and been buried in Sheekh Suufi
  • The Somali government named a Secondary School Osman Geedi Rage at Hawlwadag borough in Mogadishu Capital City of Somalia and somalian ship called Osman Geedi Rage

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