Madaxweyne Faramaajo oo qorsheenayo in Gaashaanle Sare Mire Axmed Mataan uu u magacaabo Taliyaha Ciidanka Booliska Soomaaliya.

War ay baahiyeen Ilo lagu kalsoon yahay ayaa sheegaya in Madaxweyne Maxamed Cabdulaahi Faramaajo uu qorsheenayo in Gaashaanle Sare Mire Axmed Mataan uu u magacaabo Taliyaha Ciidanka Booliska Soomaaliya.

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Somalia may resume domestic services in Jun-2020.

Somali government announced on Thursday that domestic flights which were suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic will resume operations on June 8, Trend reports citing Xinhua.

7 Kenyans Stuck in Somalia Over COVID19 Sue Their Government.

A group of 7 Kenyan contractors who had been stationed at Kismayu, Somalia before the order to have the border shut indefinitely have their government for being locked down in Somalia.

UN warns of looming humanitarian crisis in Somalia.

The UN on Tuesday called on the international community to help Somalia avert a major humanitarian crisis due to the combined effect of devastating floods, desert locusts and the widespread impact of Covid-19.

Justin Brady, head of Office for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Somalia warned that the political and security gains made by Somalia over recent years could be at risk of reversal if swift action is not taken to avert the crisis.

“We have a situation of the two problems of floods and Covid-19 converging and reinforcing the impact on the population, and then we have the locusts,” Brady said in a statement issued in Mogadishu.

“We expect to see a portion of the crops this year lost to the locust infestation, which will compound the food security and nutrition situation for many Somalis,” he added.

The UN official said Somalia’s coping mechanisms are significantly less than those of the neighboring countries.

“Therefore, the impact of floods, locusts and Covid-19 is not simply humanitarian but has the potential to reverse some of the political and security gains that the international community has invested in over the past decade,” said Brady.

According to the UN, about 500,000 people have been displaced by recent floods in Somalia’s central regions, while the country is also dealing with a severe locust infestation which threatens food security and nutrition for many.

Somalia has also been responding to the Covid-19 pandemic’s spread with the total number of confirmed cases reaching 2,089, 390 recoveries and 79 fatalities as of Tuesday.

The UN said the pandemic has led to major socio-economic disruptions across Somalia, including a reduction in remittances from the Diaspora, itself a mainstay for many Somalis, and a reduction in casual labor opportunities due to Covid-19 restrictions, making it difficult for many to cope.

“We need to continue to work together and expand the coordination with the private sector, civil society and have more engagement with the diaspora,” Brady said.

He said the UN’s warning takes into account Somalia’s inherent structural weaknesses, which make the country far more vulnerable than the other countries in the region, and calls for an all hands on deck approach to avert the worst.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) said it has acquired equipment to help eradicate the locusts in infested areas in locations such as Hargeisa, Galmudug and Puntland. The infestation is Somalia’s worst outbreak in 25 years.

The FAO Country Representative in Somalia, Etienne Peterschmitt, believes that the impact of the current desert locust outbreak in Somalia could, by September, increase the number of Somalis facing food insecurity or severe hunger by half a million.

Both OCHA and WHO have described the floods, locusts and COVID-19 as an unprecedented “triple threat,” which needed adequate funding to fight against.

Somalia was already struggling with floods and an invasion of desert locusts in the northern parts of the country when Covid-19 struck, further aggravating the situation by putting pressure on the country’s fragile health system, thereby causing a major public health crisis.

“Unless we are able to rapidly scale up our response operations, unless we get adequate funding from our donors, we will not be able to respond to this need of the government and that window is closing very rapidly,” said the WHO Country Representative for Somalia, Mamunur Rahman Malik.

According to the UN, while some half a million people have been displaced, overall, more than a million people have been affected by flash and riverine floods in Somalia.

In March, Somalia launched the National Preparedness and Response Plan for Covid-19, seeking $57m for the next six months.


Somalia announces 66 more Covid-19 cases, 19 recoveries, no deaths

Somalia has announced 66 new Covid-19 cases and 19 recoveries from the deadly disease. No death was recorded.

This brings the total number of cases to 2,089 and the recovered patients to 380. The death toll stands at 79.

The cases are from Banadir, 33, the breakaway region of Somaliland, 26, Puntland regional state, 7.

Fourty two of the new cases are male while 24 are female.

President Farmajo’s Allies Register New Political Party Ahead of General Elections.

The current government formation has taken a bold move to register a new political party on whose platform they will contest re-election.

Although it is not known whether President Farmajo and his PM Hassan Khaire will once again be on the same side, deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled will be the chairman of the party.

National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) will the coming days expected to give interim registration to the party.

There have been talks that PM Khaire could seek an attempt for the top job and has already activated an elaborate network to help him campaign.

Insiders say the new party could adopt the name Peace and Life.

Puntland President Says He Will Not Accept the 4.5 Power Sharing Deal As He Was Not Consulted

Puntland state president Said Abdullahi Deni has called for a consensus over the 2020/2021 power-sharing to avert conflicts.

President Dani who spoke on Monday night said the 4.5 power-sharing deal was against the constitution and that Puntland would not accept the arrangement.

“The members of the commission who are entrusted with the task are those who have been empowered by power-sharing in 4.5 clans based system and we are warning the tribal system should not be constitutional,” said the president.

He called for a political agreement before intervening into the electoral process, to prevent conflicts.

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Xoghayaha Arrimaha dibadda Mareykanka ayaa sheegay in cadeyn loo haayo in cudurka corona virus uu ku yimid Sheybaar.

Xoghayaha arrimaha dibedda Mareykanka Mike Pompeo ayaa Axaddii sheegay in “caddeymo weyn” ay muujinayaan in cudurka Coronavirus uu
asalkiisa ka yimid shaybaar ku yaalla dalka Shiinaha, isaga oo sare usii qaaday xiisadda kala dhaxeysa Beijing.

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Ururka Caalamiga ah ee Sharciga Horumarinta (IDLO) waxaa ay Shacabka Soomaaliyeed usoo bandhigeysaa Shaqo taasoo furmeysa 14 bishan Janaayo.

Hey’ada IDLO waxaa ay Shacabka Soomaaliyeed usoo bandhigeysaa Shaqo taasoo furmeysa 14 bishan Janaayo kuna eg 24 Janaayo Muqdisho Soomaaliya. Continue reading

Horjooge ka tirsan Kooxda Al-Sabaab oo isu soo dhiibay ciidanka dowlad goboleedka Koonfur Galbeed.

IMG-20190617-WA0019Horjooge Ka tirsan Maleeshiyada Al-Shabab oo lagu Magacaabo Ibraahim Manuur Cusmaan ayaa isku soo dhiibey Maamulka Degmada Diinsoor ee Gobolka Baay. Continue reading

Sheikh Shaakir oo sheegay in ay qabteen ragii ka dambeeyay dilkii ka dhacay magaalada Dhuusamareeb.

Sheekh-696x392Madaxa Xukuumadda Dowlad Goboleedka Galmudug Sheikh Maxamed Shaakir ayaa sheegay in ciidamada ammaanka Galmudug ay gacanta ku dhigeen dadkii ka dambeeyay dilkii 4-ruux oo dhowaan lagu dilay duleedka magaalada Dhuusamareeb. Continue reading

Hargeysa: Xildhibaan Dhakool oo xabsiga laga sii daayay.

dhakool-696x392Maamulka Somaliland ayaa xabsiga ka sii daayay xildhibaan Maxamed Axmed Dhakool oo  muddo ka badan bil ku xirnaa Magaalada Hargeysa. Continue reading

War Deg Deg ah: dil caawa ka dhacay magaalada Gaalkacyo oo isla cada 9 qof loogu aarguday..

Wararka qaar ayaa sheegayo in dadka la dilay ay ahaayeen dad kasoo jeedo hal beel, oo lagu tuhmayo dilka Calio Dhiif oo kasoo jeeda beesha Sacad ee Habar-gidir, inkastoo aan weli laga helin faahfaahin dheeraad ah. Continue reading

Kooxda Al-Shabaab oo askar ka soo qafaalatay gudaha dalka Kenya.

al-hijra-696x465Maleeshiyaadka Kooxda Al-Shabaab ayaa sheegay in howlgal qorshaysan oo ay ka fuliyeen degaanno hoos yimaada magaalada Wajeer ee gobolka waqooyi bari Kenya ay ku soo afduubteen askar ka tirsan Booliiska dalka Kenya. Continue reading

Omar Faruk Osman oo noqday hogaanka ugu sareeya ee xukumaya 3-da sano ee soo socota ururka suxufiinta Adduunka ee IFJ.

Xoghayaha ururka suxufiyiinta Qaranka Soomaliyeed ee Nusoj Omar Faruk Osman ayaa ka mid noqday hogaanka ugu sareeya ee xukumaya 3 sano ee soo socota ururka suxufiinta adduunka IFJ. Continue reading

Baasaboorka Soomaaliga ah oo laga aqoonsaday dalka Switzerland.

Baasaboorka Soomaaliga ah oo laga aqoonsaday dalka Switzerland, Dowladda Swiss-ka ayaa si rasmi ah u shaacisay in ay aqoonsan tahay Baasaboorka diblamaasiga ah iyo kan shaqaalaha ee dalka Soomaaliya. Continue reading

Madaxweyne Farmaajo oo waraaqaha aqoonsiga ka guddoomay Safiirada dalalka Suudaan iyo Turkiga.

Safi1i-696x464Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed C/llaahi Farmaajo ayaa warqadaha aqoonsiga ka guddoomay Danjireyaasha cusub ee dalalka Turkiga iyo Suudaan ee Soomaaliya. Danjiraha dalka Turkiga Mudane Maxamed Yilmaz oo Madaxweynaha la wadaagay farriin iyo salaan uu uga siday dhiggiisa dalkaas Mudane Rajab Dayib Ordogaan ayaa uga mahad celiyey dowladda iyo shacabka Soomaaliyeed soo dhaweynta iyo adkeynta xiriirka walaaltinimo ee ka dhaxeeya labada dal iyo shacab. Continue reading

Guddoomiye kuxigeenada koowaad iyo labaad ee Baarlamanka oo soo saaray go’aano lagu go’doominayo Guddoomiye Mursal.

Mudey-MahadGuddoomiye kuxigeenada Golaha Shacabka ee Baarlamaanka Federaalka ayaa goor dhow soo saaray go’aan u muuqda mid lagu go’doominayo awoodda Guddoomiyaha Golaha Shacabka Maxamed Mursal. Continue reading

C/raxmaan C/shakuur Warsame oo soo gaaray Muqdisho iyo Xildhibaano dhanka mucaaradka ah oo soo dhoweeyay.

warsame-0Xildhibaano ka tirsan Baarlamaanka Federaalka Soomaaliya, gaar ahaan kuwa Mucaaradka ah ee kasoo horjeeda siyaasada Farmaajo iyo Kheyre ayaa ku soo dhoweeyay Siyaasiga mucaaradka qeybta VIP-da Garoonka Diyaaradaha magaalada Muqdisho. Continue reading

Madaxweyne kuxigeenka maamul goboleedka Puntland “Haraadi baa ku soo haray Golaha Iskaashiga dowlad goboleedyada, waqtigoodii waa dhammaaday.

CameyMadaxweyne ku-xigeenka maamul goboleedka Puntland C/xakiin C/llaahi Cumar Cameey ayaa weerar afka ah ku qaaday Golaha Iskaashiga maamul goboleedyada, isagoo ku eedeeyay in aysan dooneyn in Soomaaliya ay mid noqoto Isla markaana horay usocoto. Continue reading

Guddoomiyaha Gobolka Banaadir oo la kulmay dhigiisa magaalada Nairobi.

duqa muqdisho iyo nairobiGuddoomiyaha Gobolka Banaadir ahna Duqa Muqdisho C/raxmaan Cumar Cusmaan (Eng.Yarisow) ayaa magaalada Nairobi ee dalka Kenya kula kulmay Guddoomiyaha magaalada Nairobi Mike Sonko, iyagoo ka wada hadlay sidii loo abuuri lahaa iskaashi dhinacyo badan taabanaya. Continue reading

La taliyaha Guddoomiyaha Baarlamanka ayaa sheegay kala dirida Guddiga Maaliyadda in husan waafaqsaneyn xeer hoosaadka.

lataliyaha gudoonka baarlamankaLa Taliyaha Guddoomiyaha Golaha Shacabka Baarlamanka Federaalka Soomaaliya C/qaadir Maxamed Nuur (Jaamac) ayaa su’aal ka keenay sharcinimada kala dirida Guddiga Maaliyadda, isagoo caddeeyay in aanay waafaqsaneyn Xeer hoosaadka. Continue reading

Wasiirka Difaaca Soomaaliya oo kulan laqaatay saraakiil ka socotay Midowga Yurub.

wasiirka difaacaWasiirka Gaashaandhigga xukuumadda federaalka Soomaaliya mudane Xasan Cali Maxamed (Amar dambe) ayaa maanta xafiiskiisa ku qaabiley saraakiil ka socotay howlgalka Midowga Yurub ee Soomaaliya. Continue reading

Shan kamid ah musharaxiinta utartameysay xilka madaxweynaha K/Galbeed oo u tanaasulay Abuu Mansoor.

abuu mansoor al-shabaabMusharixiinta Golaha Isbadal doonka Koonfur Galbeed ayaa soo saaray go’aan xasaasi ah oo ku saabsan Doorashada la filayo inay dhacdo 5 Bisha soo socoto. Musharixiinta oo daqiiqado ka hor Shir jaraa’id ku qabtay Magaalada Baydhabo ayaa sheegay inuu Musharax koowaad u yahay Golaha isbadal doonka Koonfur Galbeed Shiikh Mukhtaar Roobow Abuu Mansuur. Continue reading

Madaxweyne Farmaajo oo ka warbixiyay xiriirka dalalka Geeska Afrika “Dhageyso”

unnamed-13Madaxweynaha Jamuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaliya Mudane Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo ayaa ka warbixiyay xiriirka dalalka Gobolka, Iskaashiga Dhaqaale ee Soomaaliya, Itoobiya iyo Ereteriya iyo mustaqbalka waxa uu Soomaaliya uga dhiganyahay heshiiska saddex geesoodka ah. Continue reading

Cali Maxamed Geedi oo u gogol xaaraya wada hadal dhex mara Jubbaland iyo dowladda Federaalka.

gedi8Ra’iisul Wasaarihii hore ee dowladdii KMG ee Soomaaliya Cali Maxamed Geeddi ayaa maanta gaaray magaalada Kismaayo ee xarunta KMG ee Jubbaland. Mas’uuliyiin ka tirsan Jubbaland iyo saraakiil ayaa ku soo dhoweeyay garoonka diyaaradaha Kismaayo, waxaana loo galbiyay Guriga Martida. Continue reading

Golaha Ammaanka ee Qaramada Midoobay oo cunaqanatayntii saarnayd Eritrea ka qaaday.

UN_new_yorkGolaha Ammaanka ee Qaramada Midoobey ayaa isku raacay in cunaqabateynta saarneyd dalka Eritrea laga qaado. Eritrea ayaa xayiraadahani lagu soo rogay sagaal sano ka hor, xilligaasi oo lagu eedeeyay in ay taageerto mintidiinta Soomaaliya ee Al-Shabaab. Continue reading

Dhageyso: Feysal Cali Waraabe:” Inan yar oo Farmaajo la yiraah ayaa Itoobiya naga xirey.”

_102681433_faysaiyofarmaajoGuddooomiyaha Xisbiga Mucaaradka ah ee Somaliland Eng Feysal Cali Waraabe oo hadalo xanaf leh marwalba ku dhowaaqa ayaa ku tilmaamay madaxda dowlada Federalka dad da’ yar oo baabi’inaya shacabka Somaliland. Continue reading

Xildhibaanada Baarlamanka Federaalka Soomaaliya oo maanta ka dooday Miisaaniyadda dowlada.

FB_IMG_1537372529239Xildhibaanada golaha shacabka ayaa maanta ka dooday ku noqoshada miisaaniyadda dowladda 2018 oo ay soo gudbisay wasaaradda maaliyadda. Kulanka oo uu shir guddoominaayay guddoomiye ku xigeenka labaad ee golaha shacabka mudane Mahad Cabdalla Cawad ayaa waxaa soo xaadiray 148 xildhibaan. Continue reading

Gudoomiyaha gobolka Banaadir oo jawaab ka bixiyay eedeymo uu usoo jeediyay Xildhibaan Warsame Joodax.

yariisow-iyo-JoodaxGudoomiyaha gobolka Banaadir ahna Duqa Magalada Muqdisho Eng Cabdiraxmaan Cumar Cismaan Yariisow ayaa jawaab ka bixiyay eedeyn uu u soo jeediyay Xildhibaan Warsame Joodax  oo ka mid ah xildhibaanada Baarlamaanka Federalka. Continue reading

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